​Sing to Me of Dreams

A novel from New York Times bestselling author Kathryn Lynn Davis:

"Kathryn Lynn Davis does for the Salish Indians of British Columbia what Tony Hillerman does for the Navajo…Her novel. SING TO ME OF DREAMS,…will establish her once and for all as a major novelist.” —San Bernardino Sun

"Sing to Me of Dreams is a graceful…lushly romantic portrait of [one] woman’s odyessy.” —Publishers Weekly

“A story to be read slowly and thoughtfully. Soothing warmth fills each page…Sing to Me of Dreams is truly a very special book.”

One woman’s journey of discovery…through all the mysteries of the human heart.

As a child, Saylah held the magic and wisdom of her Salish Indian people. But when tragedy ravages the Salish, she must leave them for the world of the Ivys – an English/Scottish family whose traditions are as strange to her as her spirit world is to them. The Ivys have come to fertile British Columbia in search of paradise, but the secrets and mysteries surrounding them are overwhelming – until Saylah comes to help them understand the darkness holding them back. 

Frustrated Julian Ivy, in whom sophistication and fury entwine, is drawn to Saylah's healing strength and disquieting beauty. Through sorrow and elation, the two discover the fullness of love...but no one can resolve for her the contradictions of her birthright. Following the songs of her heritage, she will finally make the most wrenching choice of all....

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The Earthwalker Trilogy is now complete!ere.


​Jennifer is an author from Tallahassee, Florida who writes paranormal romance and fantasy novels for young adults. She is a member of both Gulf Coast Authors and the Florida Writers Association. 
After receiving a degree in theatre from BYU and working as a scenic artist for twelve years, she changed careers to do what she really loves—writing. Jennifer believes that part of her job as an artist and story teller is to create a narrative that explores a fresh perspective and leaves the audience thinking.
Even as a child, she has always been intrigued by Grimm’s Fairy Tales and particularly enjoys a twist on an established plotline. When she’s not busy writing or burying her nose in a book, Jennifer enjoys doing medieval reenactment with her husband and two children.
Her debut novel, Dealing with the Devil, is a contemporary Young Adult Fantasy and the first book in the Earthwalker Trilogy.

Check out her website at http://www.jensiddoway.com
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Kathryn Lynn Davis was born with what the ancient Celts called "the fatal gift of the imagination: a crown of stars and a stinging sword." She had no choice but to become a writer. Since Scotland is the home of her heart, and she loves history (having a Masters in the subject), it was inevitable that she should write historical novels, most of which are set in Scotland. An award winning, New York Times best-seller, she has published 8 historical novels and one historical novella. 

Kathryn has a BA in English and history from the University of California, Riverside, where she graduated Magna Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa. She also received her MA in history there. 

Twice she received the University of California Riverside's Creative Writing Alumni Award for Fiction, and in 1994, as part of the University's 40th Anniversary, she was chosen as one of “40 Alumni Who Make A Difference” out of 37,000 graduates. She received the Romantic Times award for best Scottish historical: CHILD OF AWE; the RT Career Achievement Award for the TOO DEEP FOR TEARS trilogy; and the RT award for Best Historical: SOMEWHERE LIES THE MOON. 

Weave for Me a Dream

The long awaited sequel to Sing to Me of Dreams!

Saylah’s journey continues as secrets woven in the past threaten the fabric of her family.

Victoria, Vancouver Island, B.C.

Saylah Ivy, once shaman of her Salish tribe, now wife and mother, continues her journey of discovery, following her white husband Julian as he seeks new adventure in the city. 

Where Saylah and their daughter Illiann must meet the challenge of living two lives: both Salish and White, while facing prejudice, discovery and danger along the way. Julian and their son Kit confront a powerful enemy who threatens their very lives. Meanwhile, secrets from their pasts haunt them daily.

The family must protect themselves from threats to both their bodies and their souls. They must battle their enemies to stay true to who they have become, and to discover a place where their hearts are at peace. Perhaps hardest of all, they must find a way to forgive those who hurt them long ago.

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