Duncurra Publishing House ~ Experience the Romance

Duncurra is a small independent publisher. We highly value the heart and soul, energy, time, and talent that our authors pour into their books.

Submission Guidelines
Duncurra accepts publishing queries directly from authors of all genres; however, at this time we are primarily interested in publishing Romance and, in particular,  Historical Romance, especially Scottish, Medieval and Time Travel.

When submitting a query, please use the following guidelines: 

  • Please include a Query letter (this can be in the body of an email).

  • Provide a Full Synopsis ~ 3 to 5 pages as an attachment. This should completely summarize your plot, including the ending.

  • Provide the first 3 chapters as an attachment.

  • All documents should use Times New Roman, font size-12 with one inch margins on all sides.

  • Please include the Author's name and email address in header of every page.

Documents may be submitted via email to Susan Cusack at duncurra@gmail.com. Please include “Publishing Query” as the subject line of the email.